Miley Cyrus gets naked and naughty in her video for 'Adore You,' the love-soaked, resonant ballad that starts off 'Bangerz.'

She's masturbatory and under the covers, and it's as revealing as the 'Wrecking Ball' video. She's even pulling triple duty. In addition to acting and touching herself down low, she also films her movements with a handicam.

If you want to look at Miley's many tattoos, her face and her black-painted nails, as she touches herself, the 'Adore You' video is so for you.

Miley isn't afraid to let her hands wander south or to suck on her own thumb. There's not much left to the imagination.

Miley doesn't just cavort in a bed. She wears a black lace top while touching herself in the tub… sorta like Rihanna in the 'Stay' video.

It's not really softcore, but it's close enough. And like everything M. Cy does, it's unforgettable.