If you have never experienced the joy of Buc-ee's, then you are missing out, and that is why we need one either near us or somewhere in Midland/Odessa.

If you have ever traveled around East and Central Texas, then you have seen a Buc-ee's on the side of the highway, even the smaller versions are great to stop at or the big huge ones like shown in the picture above.

The pictured Buc-ee's is in Wharton, Texas just southwest of Houston on U.S. Highway 59/Interstate 69.

The one thing you need to get above all else is the Beaver Nuggets, they are like snackable Corn Pops only better. I have heard of people getting Beaver Nuggets and putting them in milk and eating them like cereal which is something I have to try.

Buc-ee's also has their own beef jerky which is just as great as the Beaver Nuggets plus they have the greatest bathrooms to stop in. They are always clean and you don't feel like you need to jump in a pool of hand sanitizer after going into them like some travel centers along the interstate.

They could put one here at 1788 and I-20 across from the new Warfield Center or Pilot. They could even put one in one of the towns along I-20 close by like Monahans, Stanton, or Big Spring.

I would happily drive to Big Spring, Stanton, or Monahans to get some Beaver Nuggets for sure. Even better, put one in Big Spring or Stanton for the Midland residents, and another in Monahans for the Odessa residents.

We will cross our fingers and hope that Buc-ee's will put one near us in 2022.


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