If you have noticed a few 7-Elevens with a new sign with just the letters DK, it is because a new company has taken over and is dropping the 7-Eleven brand.

According to CSP Daily News, Delek U.S. Holdings Inc. has taken over 7-Eleven and the Alon stores in Texas and New Mexico and “will require the removal of 7-Eleven branding on a store-by-store basis by December 31, 2021.”

Currently there are 280 locations in central and west Texas and New Mexico and Delek U.S. just opened its first convenience store under the DK brand in Midland on February 26, 2019 at the intersection of West Loop 250 and Interstate 20.

“This store is the first new build under the DK moniker in Texas, and although there are future plans to change Alon-branded stores to DK, there are no specific details we can share right now about locations or timeline,” said a spokesperson for Delek U.S.

July 2017 is when Delek U.S. took ownership of Alon USA Energy, Inc. and took over the Alon Refinery in Big Spring along with refineries in Tyler, Texas, El Dorado, Arkansas, and Krotz Springs, Louisiana.

The only other 7-Eleven I have seen that has already re-branded to DK is the location on the 2nd and 8th Street split in Odessa, but all locations will be changed before 2022.

Picture below is the first new store opened under the DK name on Loop 250 and I-20 in Midland.

Chaser Images
Chaser Images

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