The Tokyo Olympics are in full swing and Midlander Natalie Hinds and her team have won bronze in the 400m freestyle relay.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the Tokyo Aquatic Center was the scene on Sunday when Natalie Hinds and her USA teammates won the bronze medal.

Gold went to Australia with a world record time of 3:29.69, Silver went to Canada with a time of 3:32.78 and the USA got bronze with a time of 3:32.81.

Team USA started off slow and weren't even in the top 3 as Erika Brown swam the first 100m at 54.02.

Abbey Weitzeil swam second and made good time with 52.68, Hinds swam in the third leg of the relay and got Team USA into the top 3 with her time of 53.15.

Simone Manuel swam the final leg with a time of 52.96 to boost Team USA to the bronze medal being beat out by Canada by only 3/100 of a second.

The bronze medal finishes off a great comeback for Natalie Hinds who took 2 years off from swimming.

Hinds was a standout at Midland High and City of Midland Aquatics before making her first Olympic team this year and venturing to Tokyo to compete.

Natalie Hinds joins Doug Russell as former Midlanders and Midland High swimmers who have won Olympic medals.

Doug Russell won the gold medal in the men's butterfly back in the 1968 Olympics that were held in Mexico City.

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