Attention all social media influencers, and those who want to be, a new photo studio has opened up in Midland to help you get the perfect selfie.

According to CBS 7, the Be You Selfie Studio located at 3205 W. Cuthbert, Suite A-4 in Midland helps your selfies become the best that they can be.

“The inspiration behind it is I wanted to bring it to West Texas because we don’t have much here,” said Jannie Mitchell, Owner of Be You Selfie Studio.

She came up with the idea after seeing a selfie studio in New York last year and decided to bring that to Midland.

Mitchell designed the studio to be a place where people of all ages can come and create the perfect selfie to keep all your social media platforms up to date.

“We’ve had people from the late 40′s all the way down to two and three-year-old's interacting,” said Mitchell. “So I think now with the generation we are in and technology, I honestly feel like this is a place where everyone could come and have a good time.”

You will find eight different photo sets that Mitchell has said will change every three months to keep your selfie relevant and current with the times.

The sets are all equipped with a ring light for that perfect selfie.

“You know I just want everyone to come in just be themselves, just be yourselves get behind that sell phone and flick away,” said Mitchell.

Cost is only $20 per person and tickets are available online through their website.

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