Midland City Council heard a proposal regarding the implementation of a "storm water" fee.

According to NewsWest 9, the presentation was put together by the city's engineering services department and states that the ordinance would charge separate fees based on a tier-based system for both commercial and residential properties.

Fees for residential properties would be charged on a three tier system based on the square footage of the home not including driveways and walkways. Monthly fees for residential would range from $1.20 to $3.40.

Fees for commercial properties would be charged on a six tier system based on square footage but commercial properties would have driveways and parking lots included in the overall square footage of the property. Monthly fees there would range from $4.40 for smaller properties to larger commercial properties paying up to $220.

With the money collected from the fee, the city could fund much needed drainage projects.

Some of the drainage projects discussed were pump systems for Hill Park and Wadley-Barron Park, making improvements to the Midland draws, and construction of regional ponds.

The proposal will have to go through a second reading before it could be voted on by city council, but if approved could be implemented as soon as October 2018.

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