The City of Midland has permits out for a few new apartment complexes in various areas of the city.

According to Newswest 9, construction has already begun on an apartment complex in the 200 block of Beal Parkway to be called "Merritt Monument."

The complex got it's permit back in August 2017 and will have 104 apartments.

Another complex that is nearing completion is located on Sandstone near Green Tree Blvd. and will have 39 town homes.

That town home strip got it's permit in December 2015 and will be called "Sandstone Crossing."

The third complex got it's permit in February and constructed on Mockingbird Lane near the Oasis at Pavilion Park and will be called "Pavilion Park 2."

City officials also stated that two other complexes are in the pre-permit phase of approval.

That makes five new complexes total that could be a part of the overall availability of areas to live in for the city of Midland in a market that is in need of places to live.


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