A new app has gotten almost overnight popularity in the area and it is causing concern among Midland schools.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, a new app called 'Ogle' has gained popularity almost overnight and local schools are calling on parents to watch their kids' phones for the app.

According to officials, the app went from less than 200 local posts a day to almost 2000 from last week to this week.

The app allows anyone to post pictures or text of anything they want to say with total anonymity. It has been used as a way for some students to get involved in cyberbullying.

A joint statement was issued by Midland schools that states “Midland school leaders, both public and private, are taking these comments very seriously, and we highly recommend that parents immediately check their children’s cellphones for this app and also discuss with their children the dangers of their online social media activity.”

A Midland student was arrested Wednesday following a threat that student made toward the school through the 'Ogle' app.