It's Nurses Week and a local Midland salon is treating some nurses to some gifts and free salon services to thank them for what they do.

According to NewsWest 9, Joe James Hair Salon and Spa treated the nurses from Tripple C Home Health to gifts and free spa treatments to thank them for all they have been doing.

"It's really a small gesture compared to what they do everyday. I'm just grateful that they're here and they're excited and they're getting honored because everybody needs to be at some point, especially when they work as heard as they do," said Salon Owner Daila Guss.

The salon closed for a day so they could provide food and any salon service that the nurses wanted, plus they gave them gift cards for future use.

"I want them to just enjoy today have some mimosas, get their hair done and styled, maybe a mini facial, a spray tan, a wax. Whatever they have time for today and they can redeem gift cards later," said Guss.

The owner of Tripple C Home Health, Jessica Rivas, just wanted to do something special to thank her nurses.

"We surprised them with both breakfast and coming over here to Joe James. They didn't know anything, it was exciting for us to be able to do this," says Rivas.

All of the nurses, both male and female, enjoyed the salon day and was very appreciative for Tripple C honoring them in this way.

"It's the first time in 16 years, I've felt honored as a nurse by any employer," said Gary Goodman, Nurse and Head of Marketing at Tripple C.

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