A downtown Midland restaurant is donating all proceeds from one of its favorite signature dishes to help out the people of Ukraine.

According to NewsWest 9, the Cancun Bar & Grill in downtown Midland is donating all proceeds from its signature corn queso to relief efforts in Ukraine.

Nemecio Torres is the owner of Cancun Bar & Grill and also the creator of the restaurant's signature dish, corn queso.

The restaurant has been going strong for 17 years and because of his success with Cancun Bar & Grill, Torres felt he should help out the people of Ukraine.

Torres says that over the past five weeks of the promotion, they have raised over $3,000 for the war-torn country of Ukraine to help its people.

"I'm going to keep going until we can't. I haven't put myself a limit or a time frame but we will continue helping," said Torres.

People all across the Basin have been donating to the Ukrainian people to help them out. People in Odessa have been helping out as well cause it just seems like the thing to do for the people of their namesake city Odesa, Ukraine, and the people all over the country that is ironically about the same size as Texas.

Check out a video below NewsWest 9 did on how Odessa got its name and don't forget to go to Cancun Bar & Grill and order the corn queso to help out the people of Ukraine during this time of udder destruction of their country by Russian forces.

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