If you haven't been under a rock, you have seen gas prices spike in the past week and once again Midland/Odessa had the highest spike in the state.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, gas prices in Odessa jumped 20 cents while Midland jumped 14 cents while the state only went up 7 cents.

We are once again in the top 5 most expensive places in Texas to buy gas.

El Paso tops the list at $3.56, Abilene and Midland tied for second at $3.34, Odessa was fourth at $3.32.

The state average sits at $3.15 and the lowest price of $3.08 could be found in several cities such as Victoria, Edinburg, McAllen, Sherman, and Denison.

“Texas drivers are paying 97 cents more for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline, on average, than they were a year ago and about $1.40 more per gallon than two years ago,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster in their weekly report. “The trend of more expensive fuel is likely going to continue in the short term. Crude oil prices are rising amid growing geopolitical tensions and strengthening demand for crude oil products such as heating oil and motor fuel.”

The rest of West Texas prices are still about 20 cents cheaper than Midland, Odessa, and Abilene. Amarillo sits at $3.10, Lubbock at $3.11, and San Angelo at $3.15.

Gas prices over the past year have increased in the Midland/Odessa area by more than $1.00 and the state has seen about the same increase at 97 cents.

Maybe if the tensions between Russia and Ukraine ease and once the winter is over and not so much petroleum is being used for heating, we can see gas prices ease up a little bit.

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