The new installment of Marvel's Black Panther series broke November records in its first weekend at the box office, and a graduate of Midland High is featured in the blockbuster film.

According to NewsWest 9, if you were one of the millions of people who saw the new Black Panther movie and you graduated from Midland High in 2007, you might have recognized Floyd Anthony Johns, Jr. playing the role of Jabari Warrior.

Credit: IMDB
Credit: IMDB

Johns' said he never actually thought about being a stuntman when he was little and his dream job was actually to be an FBI agent or work for the D.E.A.

He did take theater classes at Midland High as an elective but never thought about going to Hollywood and acting professionally.

After graduating from Midland High, Johns attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and took on side jobs working in front of a camera which made him decide to focus more on that as his career.

If you think he is only going to be on screen for a scene or just for a few seconds, Johns says he has a lot of screen time.

“You’ll see me quite a bit, I’m one of “M’Baku’s” bodyguards. He’s quite a big guy, so they got a small guy like me being his bodyguard, but you’re going to see me a lot."

Johns says he spent the majority of his life in Houston and only moved to Midland in the eighth grade, but his mom and grandmother were both born and raised in Midland and said his mom had always told him and his siblings to "go see the world" since she did not have the finances to go see it herself.

Credit: Marvel Studios/Canva
Credit: Marvel Studios/Canva

So when you go see "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," look for Johns playing one of M'Baku's bodyguards and just know he is a former Midlander and a graduate of Midland High.
Click here to see the full interview with NewsWest 9's Alex Cammarata.


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