Midland Memorial Hospital continues to see a lot of new cases which means they need more staff to take care of those coming in with COVID-19.

According to NewsWest 9, the hospital is in the process of looking for new people to hire to help with the increase.

“We’ll hire anybody we can find," Russell Meyers, Midland Health CEO, said. "But there’s not a lot of people out there to be hired.”

Frontline workers is what they need to hire more than anything.

“There’s nothing at all easy about this," Meyers said. "Our staff has remained in good morale. But it’s hard work, it’s taxing on our staff who have remained healthy and of course, those [who were] sick want to return to work."

So far Midland Memorial Hospital has 42 employees being monitored and 25 who have recovered from COVID-19.

MMH has had success with contract workers but want to get staff on a more permanent basis in to the hospital.

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