Midland Memorial Hospital is extending the use of N-95 masks by using ultra-voilet germicidal irradiation to disinfect them.

According to NewsWest 9, the shortage of N-95 masks is making hospitals all over the country find ways to disinfect the masks so they can be used numerous times.

Midland Memorial Hospital is no different and are using ultra-violet germicide to do it.

"Everyone knows that there's a shortage with these N-95 masks internationally" said Sydney Wolf, Sterile Processing Supervisor at MMH.

That process extends the lives of N-95 masks from 4 shifts to 16 shifts.

“We can utilize that one mask four times, which gives it 16 days, versus one mask for four days," Wolf said. "So it’s just helping us stretch what we have for as long as we have them."

They are disinfecting a few dozen masks each day and plan on using the ultra-violet germicidal irradiation for then next few months.


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