Midland Memorial Hospital is nearing capacity on COVID-19 patients.

According to NewsWest 9, the hospital has 103 rooms for COVID-19 patients with 72 of those rooms being non critical care rooms and 31 being critical care rooms.

Non critical rooms are full, 23 of the 31 critical care rooms are full, and 38 patients are on ventilators as of December 7, 2020.

Midland Memorial Hospital has received more contract and FEMA nurses which should allow for them to open additional beds on the 9th floor.

The best way to prevent the hospital from filling up is to be diligent on mask wearing and trying to stay out of crowded places.

I know I am tired of staying home all the time and not going out with friends and meeting at a restaurant, bar, or coffee house, but this is what mature adults do when faced with an illness that has already killed a quarter of a million people in 9 months.

The average flu season, according to official numbers, would normally claim around 25-30,000 people a year, this form of the Coronavirus has already done 10 times that much damage since it was first reported in the United States.

The vaccine is currently being administered in England, and later this week the FDA will more than likely approve the emergency use authorization for the vaccine to begin to be administered here in the States.

So until then, it is up to us mature adults who realize we are in a pandemic to take a stand and stay home and mask up and try to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

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