One Midland man has compassion for the homeless and is bringing them a mobile shower.

According to NewsWest 9, Karl Boroski has this compassion because he was once homeless himself.

“When I was a kid I was homeless for a little bit. So my young memories as a child, was of being homeless. So now I have a heart for it because I can emphasize how people feel," said Boroski.

He has been delivering stuff like supplies, water, and even pizza to the homeless for several years and he now heads up his own ministry for the homeless called Backyard Midland.

“With Backyard Midland, we really want to make it it’s own, a nonprofit. It really doesn’t take a lot you know. When we go out in the winter to help with a sleeping bag or tarp, it’s not changing the world but man it’s the difference between somebody freezing to death and not being able to survive.”

Along with food and supplies he also saw the need for a mobile shower.

The Backyard Ministry van has a pair of showers and a couple of changing rooms where the homeless can clean up and friends will bring food, soap, shampoo, and will even offer to wash their clothing.

Right now he can only take the van out on Saturdays but he hopes other organizations will get involved and take his van out during the week.



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