COVID-19 rapid testing is coming to MISD but it will be in phases.

According to NewsWest 9, the district will do a phase process on the COVID-19 rapid testing.

"Sometimes teachers and staff work so diligently and hard and fast during the day that it's once they slow down that they realize they're not feeling well and so we want to make sure that we have an after hours opportunity for them as well," said Kellie Spencer, Chief Operation Officer at MISD.

The focus of the first three phases will be those that have symptoms.

The fourth phase will be testing those without symptoms but they want to come back from quarantine.

"The preferred method will be for staff to administer the test themselves, monitored by the nurse, but if they're not comfortable doing so we will support that effort," said Spencer.

This plan is to keep the nurses safe by controlling the amount of contact they have with staff.

"We hope staff and student absences will be decreased because we're identifying quickly and we're providing this access to testing quickly that may not be available in the community as quick," Spencer said.

Once 75% of the rapid tests are used MISD will be able to get more tests through TEA and the Texas Department o Emergency Management.

The central office of MISD will be used as the after hours site and the campus tests will be used if staff or students are feeling symptoms during the school day.

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