If you have gotten used to arriving at the airport just moments before boarding your flight during this past year of COVID conditions, you might want to get back to pre-pandemic practices.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the number of people flying has increased significantly over the past few months and for those who got used to COVID conditions at the airport, they are finding out they can't treat their flights at Midland International like that anymore.

The peak times for flights at the airport right now is between 5am and 8am on Wednesday through Saturday, that is when six flights are departing the airport.

If you arrive to close to your departure time now, you could get stuck in the security line and miss your flight.

Here is a post that Midland International recently put on their Facebook page:

“Do you remember the days when you could arrive at the airport and walk straight up to your flight and breeze through airline and security protocol? We do too, but in the current world we live in, your plans should include you being at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight, and if the flight is earlier in the morning, you should be thinking more than 90 minutes. We posted last week about getting here 60-90 minutes. This week saw the debut of six flights in the first three hours of operations. That’s an awful lot of people trying to get through security at the same time. The TSA and airline staff are doing everything they can to get you to your destination safely. Please help them out by arriving early.”

So the moral to this story is, think pre-pandemic when scheduling a flight leaving Midland International and arrive in plenty of time to go through security and check your luggage.

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