The Murchison family was in Washington, D.C. for what they thought was going to be a historic event, but found themselves in the middle of a different kind of history.

According to NewsWest 9, Kenye Kay Murchison and her two sons hoped to see history in the making and democracy in action when Congress counted the electoral college votes on January 6, 2021.

Instead of a front row seat to that kind of history, they found themselves with a front row seat to a storming of the Capitol and members of Congress having to take shelter.

"We wanted to make sure that the boys would be able to witness history. We felt like after looking and seeing possible election fraud that it was a good time to come and just see everything that was going on in Washington," said Murchison.

Murchison said the group of protestors they were with were peaceful and offering up prayers, but approximately a football field away from where they were, a totally different kind of protest was taking place.

"We were just visiting but somebody had a radio behind us and we heard the radio saying that people were storming the capitol, that it was crazy, there were shootings. Something was going on and all of us are still looking around each other just calm and nothing's going on," Murchison said.

Members of Congress were moved to safety as protestors smashed windows and broke into offices and Congress chambers.

"We get the message, that emergency broadcast message on our phone that it was shutting down and we need to be back in curfew by 6 o’clock. And then, the messages were coming through that things were escalating," Murchison said.

The events that were happening were shocking to Murchison and is not behavior she condones.

"I would not think that anybody would condone this type of behavior in general, and it really makes me sad. it makes me sad for our children, it makes me feel sad for our country, and it makes me feel sad for everybody that traveled there that had good intentions," Murchison said.

Murchison's family made it back to the hotel safely before the curfew in Washington was instituted and they plan to fly back home to Midland today (January 7, 2021).

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