Midland County Sheriff's Office will continue using excavator to search for a possible second body to go with the disappearance of two teens back in 2015.

According to NewsWest 9, the first body has not been identified as one of the two missing teens but MCSO will continue excavation of the pit where the first body was found.

If no body is found in that pit they are expected to move on to several other pits that are located on the same property which the property owner is cooperating with MCSO fully.

The two teens were reported as missing in 2015 and have not been heard from since which is why the sheriff's office is hoping they can find a second body so this unsolved case can have some closure to it.

The excavator has removed a lot of dirt which has all been thoroughly sifted through to see if they can find anymore clues or evidence until the body that was found can positively be identified by DNA testing.

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