One Midland County neighborhood is tired of their county road being used like its a racetrack.

According to NewsWest 9, one woman that lives in the neighborhood has been standing out on the road with a sign and a radar gun.

“Cars are going so fast that if a child darted out in front of them they wouldn’t have time to be able to stop,” said the woman who goes by Bernadette.

County Road 1140 connects Loop 250 and Highway 80 (a.k.a. Business Loop 20) and due to the oil boom it has seen a lot more traffic and a lot more speeding.

“Its so bad that when we’re in our home that we can hear and it sounds like a race track,” said Bernadette.

She says she has contacted the sheriff's office and the county road administrator in hopes that they could do something about the speeding.

Her suggestion is getting a couple of digital speed signs along CR 1140 to warn drivers about their speeding.

There is no word yet on the timeline of getting the digital signs installed.

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