Midland County was named the wealthiest county in Texas according to a financial advice website.

The financial website SmartAsset.com ranked Midland County number one in per capita income at $126,631, and number one in investment income at $59,283.

The only other Permian Basin county in the top 10 overall was our neighboring county to the east, Glasscock County which ranked sixth in the state.

But other Permian Basin counties ranked in the top 10 for per-capita investment income like Reeves county was third in per-capita investment income and third in per-capita income overall also. Martin County ranked fourth in the state in both per-capita income and per-capita investment income too.

Midland County also ranked 37th in overall wealth in the nation and 13th in per-capita income and per-capita investment income.

How did SmartAsset.com get its rankings? They compared all the counties nationwide across three metrics, investment income, property value, and per-capita income. The combination of those metrics is how they got the wealth index for all U.S. counties.

Speaking of property value, the median home value in Midland was $279,569 according to the study. That put Midland County 20th in the state in that category. The median home value statewide was $154,965.

So what did the top five in Texas look like? Here is how the Top 5 counties in Texas panned out:

1. Midland County - Midland

2. Travis County - Austin

3. Kendall County - Boerne

4. Collin County - McKinney

5. Gillespie County - Fredericksburg

Statewide the average per-capita income was $55,129, and the average per-capita investment income was $12,090.



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