The Midland County Drug Court is seeing success since it was established in October 2018.

According to NewsWest 9, the court has taken on almost 50 cases so far and was set up as an intervention program for people struggling with addiction.

The court's main objective is to keep people from serving lengthy prison sentences after they are charged with a felony crime and also battling addiction.

Judge Elizabeth Rainey presides over the court along with her own team of attorneys, probation officers, counselors, and compliance officers to help rehabilitate those battling addiction to keep them out of trouble with the law and help them become functioning members of society.

“I’m proud that our county has invested in this type of program because we build up success for people where there would have otherwise been no other option,” said Rainey.

Those enrolled in the program must complete a program broken up into five phases each lasting 60 days with rehabilitation classes and sobriety requirements.

Rainey says no one so far has had to be removed from the program and it is showing a great success rate so far.


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