Those of us raised in West Texas are always willing to help those in need, so when a local church in Midland found out its sister church in Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Ida, they got supplies together and drove it to them.

According to NewsWest 9, First Baptist Church in Midland found out their sister church, First Baptist Church-Kenner in Louisiana, had been hit hard by Hurricane Ida, they decided to take action.

"It just comes out of what we believe as a church, is helping other churches, especially one that's strategically placed to help others, it's just part of loving God and loving our neighbors," said Bryan Pinson, Minister of Missions at First Baptist Church-Midland.

One of the church members is good friends with the pastor at First Baptist-Kenner.

"They have three buildings. One of those was totally lost, one the roof came off and one was barely touched and so that building that is left is a family life center that has a commercial kitchen in it and they're blessed with water, but they don't have any power. So the idea is to bring this generator there so they can host volunteer teams to come up and help with disaster recovery there," said Pinson.

Challenges are nothing when the ones with the biggest hearts get involved.

"We have helped in Hurricane Harvey and others in the past, so this was just an easy way for us to happen and God put this all together and the timing, so we're just trying to help the people there in New Orleans," said Pinson.

First Baptist-Midland says they will continue to take trips to Louisiana as long as the need is there.

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