The crew of Texas Country Reporter stopped into Midland to spotlight a Midland chef.

According to NewsWest 9, Chef Meleka McGee went from a prison inmate to the owner of her own business which is why TCR decided to come to Midland to spotlight her incredible story.

Electric Flava Cafe is the business McGee owns and Kelli Phillips explained why they decided to tell her story, “One thing led to another, I found story, after story, after story and I thought this is an incredible story of how this woman has overcome what she’s been through and look at where she is now, and where she could possibly be in the future.”

Bob Phillips, host of the show, said they love visiting this area, “When we syndicated this show, almost 30 years ago, this market was one of the first areas to take our show, and so we’ve always had a great fondness. And these are the real salt of the earth people, and we just love them, we love everybody out here.”

If you want to see the show, it will air in May on NewsWest 9 who airs Texas Country Reporter at 6:30pm on Saturday evenings and again at 10:30pm on Sunday night.

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