COVID-19 cases are spiking in Midland/Odessa and all across the state which has prompted the governor to put a mask mandate in place, but Midland's and Odessa's mayors are not going to enforce it.

According to NewsWest 9, but medical personnel are asking the mayors to enforce the mask mandate to help stop the increase in our area.

"This spike is far worst than the other two spikes," said Russell Meyers, Midland Health CEO. "We could explain the other two--there was spring break and then a nursing home outbreak but now this is community-wide across the region."

Midland and Odessa mayors both agree on the importance of wearing a mask, but they are not going to declare a mandate requiring citizens to wear one.

So it is up to the citizens of the Permian Basin to mandate ourselves and wear a mask. If you have not been wearing one, well now is the time to start.

We cannot stop this pandemic and the spike in cases if we continue to go against the suggestions of medical professionals.


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