We got 'Rebel' when he was six week old but even 20 years after he passed, he's still our favorite dog.

Here's one for a 'Throwback Thursday': My Mom Nettie with the best dog I ever had, a pure-blood Pit Bull Terrier named 'Rebel'. He was loving, smart and saved my mom from some would-be intruders while she was home alone. I was away at college at the time and my dad was in the hospital.

Rebel's been gone for more than 20 years now, but Mom kept his ashes until earlier this year when he was buried in a plot on a relative's family farm. The picture is from The Midland Reporter-Telegram, they used it for a story debating if people should own such 'vicious' animals. Guess what side of the debate my Mom came down on?

I still tear up seeing him again, he was such a good dog. Did you have a favorite pet you still have fond memories for even years after the've gone?