Over the past few weeks, I've had the pleasure of emailing back and forth with Texas artist, Brian Stone.

Brian lives and works in Chandler, TX. Now that he's retired he enjoys listening to Rock N Roll and painting with vivid color.

The firs thing that I noticed about Brian's work was the brilliant color that he includes in all of his work. I get a sense of emotion and excitement when I view his it, and I find that I'm easily drawn in to continue viewing it for long periods of time.

Brian has received many invitations to show in East Texas Galleries, and you can currently find it hanging on the walls of Valerosa Gallery and Gallery Main Street in Tyler, as well as 211 Gallery in Athens.

His bold and vibrant portrait of Marilyn Monroe titled 'Monroe 1' was recently honored with the Peoples Choice Award in the Modern Icons Exhibit at Gallery Main Street.

Scroll through a gallery of his work, and enjoy reading our Q&A below: