As COVID-19 cases keep increasing in Odessa, Medical Center Hospital is calling on FEMA to help them get ventilators.

According to NewsWest 9, Medical Center Hospital is already using 32 of their 37 ventilators which means with cases increasing then the hospital has now called on FEMA to help get ventilators for the patients who need them.

"There are agencies that will rent ventilators to us but due to Texas being such a hotspot right now those are hard to come by, you could be on a wait list for months before you get a rental in," said Dr. Renato Galindo, Director of the Cardiopulmonary Department at Medical Center Health System.

Medical Center Hospital has requested another 20 ventilators from FEMA to add to the 10 they have already received.

Medical Center Hospital is not in dire need of them yet but just wants to have enough in case of a major spike.

Midland Memorial Hospital currently has 61 ventilators with 37 of those in use at this time.

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