When a big studio tentpole comes out, it’s common practice for the personnel involved to take their next jobs around the same time, riding the crest of publicity generated by the release. Usually, the offers start coming in shortly after the film in question hits theaters and proves successful or less-so, and the news will follow that. But when, say, the director of the upcoming The Dark Tower adaptation signs a deal for his next project weeks in advance of his big premiere, it’s a sign foretelling one of two things. It’s either so good that a studio made him an offer too appealing to pass up, or so bad that he just wants to sign a contract before word gets out.

Either way, Nikolaj Arcel has his next movie all lined up. Variety reports that the filmmaker behind the upcoming take on Stephen King’s sci-fi novel will soon shift into historical drama with a Robert F. Kennedy biopic starring Matt Damon. The Massachusetts native has wanted to bring his home state’s favorite political clan to life for some time now, having stated in interviews in 2014 that Kennedy’s life was a topic of interest. A campaign advisor for his brother’s Presidential run, an Attorney General, and longtime Senator, Kennedy worked as a devoted public servant right up until his assassination in 1968.

Warner Bros. will front the film, meaning this will most likely be one of those prestige biopics with all the trimmings. We learned with Jackie that JFK-adjacent figures make for great, bone-deep drama. Perhaps Damon and Arcel will be able to rebottle that same lightning?

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