An attacker injures 14 at a suburban Houston College and the media is silent on gun-control. Oh that’s right, the attacker used a knife.

The president has promised to ramp up the push for more control as the Senate prepares to vote on more frightening gun-control restrictions. The main-stream media has ramped up their, what could you call it besides, threats at Republican lawmakers who have threatened to filibuster any such legislation.


Msnbc's Martin Bashir: Do Republican Senators Need To Have Their Family Members Killed To Prevent Gun Control Filibuster?

Why the increased rhetoric? Gun-grabbers do not yet have the votes to push through their measures, so this last campaign before a vote is being done to demonize anyone standing up for our rights, intimidating to get needed votes.

Here is another threat received from a friend:


This person is obviously disturbed, wishing death on my friend and his family, but these are not isolated incidents. There are many of these people who want others to die, to make their point, a flawed point and it is nothing but evil.

Could it be that if someone has suffered violence from an attacker, they know the best way to defend themselves is with a firearm? Anyone remember the Holocaust? This crazy idea that somehow, being a victim is morally superior to being a gun owner, is exactly what many anti-gunners try to foist on the American people, all the while intending to keep their guns and body-guards. This is the same type of mind-set tyrants and criminals have. They want you disarmed because then, you can be controlled.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

All this, while ignoring the real issue of psychotrophic (mind/mood-altering) drugs and they role they have played in everyone of these attacks, whether a gun was used or not. Why are they not addressing that issue, you ask? Because there is lots of money to be made in these pharmaceuticals and many are heavily invested in the market.

Keep fighting for your rights because, if the 2nd Amendment goes, how do you intend to defend the rest?