Now that 'Weeds' is over, Mary-Louise Parker has gone back to her first love: antiquing. And, allegedly, threatening to kill people who own antique shops. Or so a shop owner would have us believe.

All of which MLP (insert all the bronies sent here by Google thinking this is a 'My Little Pony' article) denies.

The argument supposedly ensued in the New York store Saugerties, where Parker accompanied a friend who was picking up a check for a purse she'd sold to the establishment. The owner, Daniel Seldin, refused to pay up and a heated argument ensued, during which he says Parker called him a not so nice slur that rhymes with Bob Saget and threatened to kill him. (Seldin, not Saget. Who would kill the dad on 'Full House'?)

But Parker's rep says the actress wasn't involved in the spat at all, and would never use the sort of slur Seldin clams she did.

After the encounter, Seldin filed an incident report claiming the Parker threatened his life, yelling, "DO YOU WANT TO WAKE UP TOMORROW? I'LL MAKE ONE PHONE CALL."

Seldin says the incident made him feel “totally berated and violated.” Also, he's since paid Parker's friend her money -- because he has no desire to end up at the bottom of a river with concrete shoes. Maybe he just watched enough 'Weeds' to think ML could really make it happen.