To point out that Sweden produces good pop music is like pointing out that Britney Spears fancies herself some inspirational memes. Like, we know.

For those of you who've been following the blogosphere buzz, you'll already know the name Marlene, who first popped up on our collective radar in the summer of 2013 with "Bon Voyage," followed by 2014's "Stay Awake" and her debut EP, Indian Summer.

The next year, the legendary Giorgio Moroder super casually heard her Indian Summer track "I Do This For You" and produced a new version of the song for his own 2015 studio album, Deja Vu. She remixed Marina And The Diamonds' "Froot." And last year, Marlene dropped a one-off called "All I Want," which became a Swedish radio hit in the summer.

Basically, Marlene strikes with the brilliance about once per year.

She's back once again in 2017 with a brand new tune, and as with everything that's come before, it's sublime: written "about the insecurities and beauty of falling in love" by Marlene herself, Jerker Hansson (Zara Larsson, Panic! At The Disco) and produced by Blisse (Astrid S), "Next to Me" — out today in Sweden (March 30) — is the lead single from an EP due out before summer on her own record label, Sweet Music.

The song's labeled "#FEELGOOD" on Soundcloud, and rightfully so: the calm, warmly pulsating ode is a lush listen on the very first play.

"I know it's hard to say you want me, 'cause we got more to figure out / But I don't want to take it slowly, 'cause I already see you now / I see you right next to me," she coos on the disco-lite anthem for those who can't hardly wait. Watch out for that vulnerable spoken word bridge — taking a page out of fellow Swede Queen Robyn's "Be Mine!" for sure.

“I'm always looking for contrasts in general, like things can't be too polished and serious," Marlene says of the song's origin.

"I would wear silk shorts with a knitted sweater and high heels to a track suit. And if there's a super slick pad I almost feel forced to put some gritty distorted drums to’s the contrasts that makes things interesting most of the time I think, something happens when everything isn’t perfect.”

Why wait for later? Listen to "Next to Me" below.

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