Machine Gun Kelly was showing off a new toy when he broke it. He'll need to replace the toy, but at least the hit-maker landed a viral TikTok in the process.

Yesterday (Dec. 28), the "Bloody Valentine" crooner took to social media to share a video of him playing with a Bop It. Remember the hand-eye coordination toy that was all the rage in the '90s and early aughts? Well, he got one and filmed a video with his girlfriend Megan Fox to show it off.

The duo got together in front of their Christmas tree wearing matching pink Santa hats for the occasion. Things were going well for MGK until the second time he had to "Bop It." After opting to smack the toy against his butt, a piece broke off and went flying.

"You broke it," an annoyed child can be heard saying behind the camera.

Fox — dressed in fur-lined red pajamas — shook her head in amused disappointment as a piece went flying. MGK, meanwhile, let out a surprised laugh after he surveyed the damaged toy.

"Break it, I mean, bop it," he cleverly captioned the video. Check it out below:

Machine Gun Kelly may be down one Bop It. However, he is up one viral video. At the time of publishing, his TikTok was viewed more than 13.2 million times. It also amassed nearly 2 million likes and thousands of comments.

His fans were quick to poke fun at the musician in the comments section.

"Megan questioning her entire existence there," one user joked.

"She looks like his mom watching over him," another said about Fox.

Others joked about MGK having "buns of steel" since the Bop It proved to be no match for his butt.

The Bop It may have been a Christmas gift (we don't know for sure). If so, luckily it wasn't the only one the rapper got this year. He took to Instagram earlier this month to celebrate a sold-out show in his hometown Cleveland, Ohio.

"Manifested sellin out the Cavs arena since i saw Jay Z do it in 2008, it sold out in one day," he said of the concert. "You are my gift, thank you for the best homecoming ever, merry xxmas."

Check out his heartfelt post below:

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