As 2015, comes to a close I find myself reflecting on the past year, but mostly looking forward to all the good things ahead.

I'm a big believer in reflection. I find that when I take even just a few minutes of quiet time to myself to reflect on ideas, thoughts, challenges and decisions that I often find my state of mind to be much calmer and wiser.

I was thinking just yesterday about the dramatic changes we have seen in technology in my lifespan. We've gone from a kitchen telephone that everyone ran to when it rang, families fighting over who would answer, to a tiny touch screen that we carry in our pockets and purses that also acts as a telephone.

One small example of the dramatic change in our ability to communicate with each other, and yet we still find that the human elements of insecurity and fear fester and we find ourselves fighting the same fight that the generations before us fought.

Maybe it's time to stop fighting it. Bear with me, I'm not suggesting that give up or give in to hate, insecurity and fear. I'm suggestion simply that we stop finding fault, and start looking for the good.

Call me 'Pollyanna,' I'll likely smile at you when you do. I make it my intention each day to set aside time for reflection and meditation to do just that. No, I'm not sitting cross-legged on top of a mountain questioning the meaning of life. I'm much too practical for all that.

I just take 5-15 minutes each morning to sit in my recliner, while it's quiet before my day begins and think. I'm often drinking hot tea, waking up, and frequently one of my two kitties will curl up in my lap and join me.

This has become one of my favorite times of day. I usually follow it up by cooking breakfast for myself, and thinking through a series of affirmations. I recently listened to the audio book 'The Secret' by Rhona Byrne, and I've found it to be both illuminating, and useful. I choose to wake up and put a smile on my face, and my day is usually better for it.

This past year is coming to a close quickly. If you've been thinking of new year resolutions to improve your life, my advice is to reflect with gratitude and affirm your desires into reality. Best wishes for a prosperous 2016!

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