At the Art of Dentistry their team of professionals is looking forward to helping you with your cosmetic, implant, and general dentistry needs. Dr Rutherford has been working with patients for over 20 years and offers comprehensive, quality dental care. Almost any procedure you can think of can be performed for you by Dr. Rutherford and these can be performed using conscious sedation if you prefer. His extensive training and experience enable him to provide for all your dental needs without having to refer you to other dental specialists. Imagine the time savings with all your dental care needs in one place!

They offer the latest in dental technology, including:
• ICAT, (Dental CT Scan), allowing 3D imaging for dental implant placement and as a diagnostic tool
• Intra-oral cameras and digital photography
• Dental lasers
• Velscope oral cancer screening (As seen on “Dr. OZ″)

Founded: 1982
Led by: Robin Rutherford, DDS