Lindsay Lohan is likely as addicted to attention and fame as she is to prescriptions and vodka, so it's unclear why a pal who tried staging an intervention for the starlet asked Liza Minnelli to be part of it.

But yeah, that almost happened.

Minnelli's rep confirmed to Radar Online that Lohan's pal Claus Hjelmbak reportedly asked Minnelli, who did a 1984 stint at Betty Ford to battle alcoholism, to step in and help Lilo out of her own addictions.

“Claus was desperate to do anything to try and save Lindsay’s life,” a source said.

“He was so concerned for her well-being because of her continued use of prescription pills and booze. He reached out to Liza Minnelli’s camp, in the hope that she could help. Liza has battled her own demons with alcohol and has been very supportive publicly of Lindsay.”

Indeed, the 'Cabaret' star once said of La Lohan, "She’s lovely. She’s a good actress.”

The source added that Lohan “considers Liza as an icon of show business. Claus thought that if anyone could get through to Lindsay, Liza could be that person.”

Unfortunately, Minnelli was on tour in South America at the time of the staging -- and just as unfortunately, until her recent Letterman appearance, Lohan seemed reluctant to help herself anyway.

It likely was just as well. Who wants life advice from someone who once willingly married this guy?