Mixers are not having it... and neither is Little Mix!

On Monday night (October 29), amid her furious Instagram rant against feuding rapper Nicki Minaj, Cardi B made the claim that she was offered a featured rap on U.K. girl group Little Mix's new single, "Woman Like Me," before Minaj, who currently stars on the track.

In a video clip, Cardi shared that the song "came to [her] first," revealing that she ultimately "had to decline [the song]" because she's been "doing a lot of pop records" lately.

Opening up her phone's media player, she then played an apparent demo of the track featuring an audibly open verse. Watch, below:

Naturally, fans were pressed, with many claiming Cardi had lied about being offered a guest feature, with others weighing in that it was likely Cardi was approached by Little Mix's label, but ultimately went with Minaj as the group had been open fans of the "Chun-Li" artist for years.

Minaj also seemed to corroborate the latter, writing in Cardi's Instagram comments, "Babe we all get deals & turn them down. Same with songs dummy. Little Mix has been trying to get me on a song for 7 years. I finally found one I loved."

On Tuesday (October 30), Little Mix themselves addressed Cardi's claim on Instagram, writing, "Sorry Cardi hun but this is the [tea], we've always wanted the queen,"  revealing that they did indeed approach Minaj first.

See some reactions to Cardi's claim, below:

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Little Mix's "Woman Like Me" has been at the center of drama this week.

While appearing on X Factor over the weekend, on which the group performed their new single, some fans were disappointed with the performance as it appeared to many that Little Mix had lip-synced.

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