There’s multiple reasons to be stoked for AMC’s The Little Drummer Girl, from a new Florence Pugh leading role to a mustachio’d Michael Shannon. But the real pull here? Park Chan-wook.

The director behind Oldboy and The Handmaiden has directed his very own limited TV series, and the first trailer looks pretty dang good. An adaptation of John le Carré’s spy novel, The Little Drummer Girl follows an English actress named Charlie (Pugh from Lady MacBeth and Netflix’s upcoming Outlaw King). After she meets Alexander Skarsgard’s mysterious Becker on vacation, he recruits her to become a double agent for Shannon’s Kurtz. An espionage thriller from one fo the best working directors, and featuring an awesome cast? Yes please!

The Little Drummer Girl comes from the executive producers behind AMC’s other le Carré adaptation, The Night Manager. It doesn’t debut for another month, but will be a three night event. A two-hour premiere will debut on November 19, followed by another set of two-hour episodes on the following nights. This definitely sounds like one you’ll want to watch right away instead of putting off to binge later.

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