Now that the acting roles have dried up for her and because she can't win lawsuits against Pitbull for referencing her spectacular fall from grace in a song lyric, Lindsay Lohan is resorting to a new way to make money.

And no, it's not anything sexual. She's not destitute and she's not going that route. Instead, the actress is penning a juicy tell-all about her life.

Sources say that Li Lo will not hold anything back about her many arrests, her drug abuse, her acting career and her family – come on, you know you are dying to get the inside scoop on mom Dina and dad Michael, who are trainwrecks in their own right.

Lohan has dealt with a lot of drama since her star ascended and she was one of the hottest up and comers on the Hollywood scene before it all came crashing down, a fall that was illuminated by the paparazzi flashbulbs. It's certainly an intriguing tale.

The book started out as a series of journal entries, which Lohan authored while in rehab as sort of a therapeutic endeavor. It's not fully fleshed out yet and it's in its literary infancy, but insiders say that the oft-troubled star is ready to lay her cards face up on the table.

Keep in mind that it'll be La Lohan's version of events and as is the case with anything in life, there are always three sides to every story: hers, theirs and the truth.

TMZ reports that Linds has received several offers from publishers in the six-figure range and she met with a big time NYC literary agency last week. The meeting was filmed for her docu-series, which will air on OWN.

Li Lo isn't just trying her hand at the book world. She may be making a return to music.

She shared a photo of herself in the studio, adding the "#studiotime" and "#workhard" hashtags. Could she be working on another album? Perhaps.

Lohan did release an album when she was A-list, which was a more-than-respectable hit. It was called 'Speak' and it dropped in 2004. The follow up, 'A Little More Personal (Raw),' landed in 2005 and did not fare as well.

See the snap below.

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