Can't swing tickets to Hamilton, Broadway's hip-hop inspired holy grail? Neither can writer, director and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, he says in a new promo for his forthcoming hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.

Perched at a restaurant table with cast member Cecily Strong in the clip above, Manuel admits even he barely has the clout to get into the play, which won more trophies at the 2016 Tony Awards than could fit within a public library's collection of bookshelves.

"Oh, my God, I just saw Hamilton and--" Strong says.

"You've seen it?! I'm so jealous," Miranda interrupts.

"You haven't seen it?"

"No, and everyone's like 'Good job!' I can't wait to see it! I can't get tickets."

Tough break.

The duo also plays with the idea that the Miranda surname might be an emblem of Cynthia Nixon's eponymous Sex and the City character (and Strong contends she's much more of a Samantha). Yes, the Hamilton star's SNL episode is shaping up to be a true Manhattan affair.

And Miranda can't wait. Across the past week, he's been posting Twitter updates chronicling shoots, late-night TV appearances and network meetings with the incredulity of a 12-year-old SNL fan. Fitting, as he told The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon he basically was years ago.

On last night's (October 4) episode, Miranda said he's been dreaming of hosting the show since he was a kid, and said watching Fred Savage host in 1990 at age 14 was an inspiration.

And, to address the elephant in the room — how did he feel about Strong's impersonation of him during the Season 42 premiere's Celebrity Family Feud sketch?

"The greatest," he said. "That was pretty cool!"

Excited for Manuel's show? Tune in to NBC on October 8th to see him in action with musical guest Twenty One Pilots.

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