Lil Nas X fans are rejoicing and calling off the search party.

The rapper broke his three-month hiatus and returned to social media to show off his rock-solid body transformation and a hot new song to match, called “Lean On My Body.”

Lil Nas X is the king of social media teasers. Known for posting thirst traps and sharing his dry humor, he wasted no time in poking some fun at himself upon returning.

“I’m so happy I’m back on the internet. I missed me so much,” Lil Nas X tweeted March 16, prompting a flood of joy from his Twitter followers.

The following day, the star brought back the power of the keyboard and shared a video clip of him strutting shirtless on a treadmill, pretending to rock on the keys while lip-syncing over new music.

With over 2 million views, it's safe to say “Lean On My Body” is approved by fans.

While fans are eager to see what Lil Nas X has up his sleeve for 2022, he wasn't finished making jokes about his social media comeback.

Lil Nas X took a moment to address his "maternity leave" absence and share a post-pregnancy “bounce back” photo.

The “before and after” photos have some fans suspecting he has already birthed a brand new album.

See below:

With five Grammy nominations under his belt, will Lil Nas X be unveiling new music details during the broadcast at the 64th annual Grammy Awards show next month? Fans will have to tune in April 3, 2022 via CBS at 8PM/7CT to find out!

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