If you're dreading Valentine's Day, because you will have to declare your single status to all of your friends and relatives once again, I have found the cure. Create your own boyfriend (or girlfriend) with the Invisible Boyfriend app.

Though I am in a committed relationship, I can easily recall how not fun it was to explain I would be celebrating Valentine's Day alone. In fact, I called it 'Singles Awareness Day' for many years.

Family and friends mean well when they ask, 'Are you seeing anyone?' Sometimes it seems easier to just create a boyfriend, a figment of your imagination, that you can fake break up with later.

If this year you would rather bask in the glory of a new relationship, than deal with admitting your still single, you can create a fake boyfriend for just $24.99.

According to InvisibleBoyfriend.com, this is 'A boyfriend your friends can believe in.'

Invisible Boyfriend gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship - even if you’re not - so you can get back to living life on your own terms.

Intrigued by this concept, I checked out the Frequently Asked Questions section where I discovered that this app can deliver real world and social proof that your 'fake' boyfriend exists. Why would someone create an app to help you fool your friends and family?

Relationships, for the good they all do us, create pressure from friends and family. Ever told friends at a bar about George or Michael, the boy of your dreams that “seems too good to be true?” He likely is. And without proof, there’s no way to convince people otherwise. We want to help those in want of a tailored, accessible boyfriend to avoid awkward social situations and questions.

According to an article at Nylon.com, Creators Matthew Homann and Kyle Tabor say that the app could also help you ward off eager suitors. The app provides 100 texts, ten voicemails and a handwritten note. You also get to build your boyfriend with photos, give him a name, age and personality.

The app provides you prompts, like mad libs, to help you create the story of how you met.

It's still in BETA form, but it seems to be gaining traction.

I bet Jan Brady would have really appreciated this when she was trying to fool everyone with the George Glass.

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