Concern by license to carry instructors is mounting in the wake of the new Constitutional Carry Bill that is about to hit Gov. Greg Abbott's desk.

According to NewsWest 9, there is plenty of support for the bill but there is also a group that is in opposition of the bill also.

To have a concealed handgun, you must take a class and get training on how to handle the gun.

Instructors of these classes know how important these classes are at teaching safety practices and learning the laws associated with carrying a gun.

"I know a lot of people are for it, and there’s some who are against it. What we care about is that you’re at least trained and know the laws. So we want to be certain that the person carrying on their hip next to you at least knows the laws minimum and then further educates themselves," said Ari Thomas, a license to carry instructor at Family Armory.

Knowing whether someone carrying is friend or foe is a concern for some people.

"It kind of opens up to where you are suspect of everyone so you don’t really know who to trust and who has training. Being in the industry a little bit longer you can kind of tell based on what they’re carrying and what they’re carrying it in if they actually care about it and if they have trained," Thomas said.

Police will also have to decide whether someone carrying is friend or foe.

"If they even know you're the bad guy or the good guy and that's already dealing with you being a good guy and being licensed so they really want to know. Some officers have expressed a concern over that and how they can differentiate who's allowed to carry and who's just carrying because they heard they can now," said Thomas.

So if you are planning on getting a gun now that you can, please get the training and knowledge of the law so you know the do's and don't's of carrying a gun.

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