If you are looking for a place to let out some stress and frustration, there is a place in Midland for you.

According to NewsWest 9, Kingsway Antique Store is a good place to go to buy collectibles and antiques, but behind one of the doors in the store is a totally different room where you can relieve your frustration, stress, and anger.

“We named it Liberty City Rage Room because basically out in the real world people don’t have the opportunity to go out and break stuff so here we give them the liberty to do pretty much what they want.. liberate themselves,” said Jana Morrison, Owner of Kingsway Antiques and Liberty City Rage Room.

The room was created by Jana's sons, Jared and Jason.

"We have seen people come in where they’re so stressed out and whenever they leave they're like that felt so good," said Jason.

The room has five different activities ranging from an office setting to a dining room setting for you to destroy.

The Morrison brothers came up with the idea of the room after the effect of the pandemic was having on glass sales at the shop last year.

“At that time we had an awful lot of items we couldn’t sell because our sales were slipping because of COVID so we thought man we need to do something with this glassware that’s not selling, so we thought start up the rage room and we start to put it in there and it caught on pretty fast and we've had booking pretty much every night we've been open,” says Jason Morrison.

So if you are having a bad day, you can make a reservation on the Liberty City Rage Room website.

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