After receiving an intense amount of backlash from followers and critics, self-proclaimed feminist Lena Dunham issued an apology after publicly defending former Girls writer Murray Miller of sexual assault.

On Saturday evening, November 18, the show's co-creator took her apology to Twitter, saying that her statement was said at the wrong time and that she is in complete regret.

“I now understand that it was absolutely the wrong time to come forward with such a statement and I am so sorry,” Dunham said. “We have been given the gift of powerful voices and by speaking out we were putting our thumb on the scale and it was wrong. We regret this decision with every fiber of our being."

“Every woman who comes forward deserves to be heard, fully and completely, and our relationship to the accused should not be part of the calculation anyone makes when examining her case,” she continued. “Every person and every feminist should be required to hear her. Under patriarchy, ‘I believe you’ is essential. Until we are all believed, none of us will be believed. We apologize to any women who have been disappointed.”

On Friday (November 17), Girls creators Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner defended Murray Miller after he was accused of sexually assaulting actress Aurora Perrineau when she was 17.

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