Lauren Jauregui is so not here for the drama between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj — specifically, the way the media and the public alike seem to be more invested in watching "women tear each other down" than voting.

"I wish America cared as much about domestic terrorist attacks as they did about women fighting one another," Jauregui tweeted Tuesday morning (October 30), less than 24 hours after the two rappers vilified one another on social media. "I wish they had the same amount of energy they save to egg on drama & take that anger to the F---ING polls to make sure people STOP DYING at the hands of White SUPREMACISTS."

The former Fifth Harmony star added that "we are in crisis mode and motherf---ers really wanna watch some women tear each other down. Really wanna report that s--- and let it overpower the fact that a SYNOGOGUE just got shot up by a fascist who felt it was his right to kill survivors and relatives of holocaust survivors."

She also called the feud "dumb-ss [internet] drama," lamenting the skewed "priorities" of humanity as being "completely f---ed."

The "Expectations" singer then encouraged her followers to vote in the election on November 6

Read her full statement, below:

On Monday (October 29), Cardi B went off on Minaj in an explosive Instagram Live rant, accusing the "Chun-Li" star of lying—a lot—about what really went down at the infamous Harper's Bazaar ICONS party on September 7.

She also claimed that Minaj was not the first rapper approached to be featured on U.K. girl group Little Mix's new single, "Woman Like Me," saying that she had been asked first to rap a verse on the track.

Both Minaj and Little Mix denied her claim.

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