After a few days of teasing, Lauren Jauregui has dropped her newest single, "More Than That." The smooth, hazy, self-assured R&B trap-pop banger highlights Jauregui's buttery voice as she sings, "Boy you better come stronger than this liquor / Wanna take me home? Better be more convincing."

Listen to the sultry, empowered new single, below:

The female empowerment jam is the former Fifth Harmony member's first offering of the new year, but to diehard fans the song isn't new at all — Lauren's been performing it live for quite some time. Back in October 2018, the pop star shared her first official solo single in the form of the smoky "Expectations."

The 22-year-old has been hard at work on her debut solo album since 5H announced their indefinite hiatus earlier last year; however, she has yet to divulge any information about the project other than admitting she's in no rush to release it.

"I'm really trying to let it be as organic as possible. When I feel like it's ready, that's when the world will get it," she recently explained during an interview with magazine Coup de Main.

As long as she continues feeding us bangers like "More Than That," she can take all the time she wants to put out a proper album.

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