Lauren Jauregui posted a sweet Instagram post to celebrate her brother's birthday and promoting his new single released on Friday (April 9), "Next Life."

Lauren said the new song is "a FIRE a-- song on iTunes" and to "go check that s--t out and support the fam!"

Chris has been creating music for the past three years and this marks his first release on Apple Music. The song is categorized in the R&B and soul music genres.

Lauren hasn't been shy sharing her family life on social media. You may recognize Chris from Lauren's Instagram, where she even shared a tattoo he got to honor her.

Meanwhile, Chris has amassed over 200,000 followers of his own on Instagram, where he regularly posts about his music and adventures.

Chris took to the platform to write about his latest single, writing, "S--t, been making music for almost 3 years now just working on my craft and tryna evolve my sound and self along the way. None of this would be possible without my producer @aurangeboy for stayin those long nights in the studio putting up with my perfectionist a-- not liking the way one note sounds. Also, shoutout to my good friend @nahuelcerati for shredding the f-----n guitar on this song.. without you the vibe would not exist. This is the first of many songs to be released and I hope y’all f--k with it as much as I do."

Listen to "Next Life," below:

Lauren Jauregui Through the Years

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