The new Texas Sands PAC is looking to legalize casinos in the state of Texas.

According to the Texas Tribune, Las Vegas Sands is committed to getting casinos in Texas and they are launching a $2 million PAC to spend money on getting it done.

The PAC was created last month and has already spent half a million dollars in three dozen races happening on March 1.

The Las Vegas Sands made a high-profile push to legalize casinos in Texas last year but the company did not get far in the Texas House only getting a committee hearing.

But the gaming empire is not giving up and says they created the PAC as a part of a "long-term commitment to Texas."

"We appreciate the willingness of these legislators to engage in an open dialogue about the tremendous economic benefits, including the tens of thousands of jobs, these destination resorts will create for Texas," said Matt Hirsch, a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Sands PAC, in a statement. "We will continue to actively engage local and state leaders over the course of this year and be prepared to come back next session ready to pass legislation that will ultimately allow voters to decide on this issue."

The Las Vegas Sands sent a proposal last summer to the Capitol stating they wanted to build "destination resorts" that included casino gambling in Texas' four biggest metropolitan areas of DFW, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

The proposal was snagged by several factors such as filing it too late, Dan Patrick's opposition, and a stack of other major issues occupying the Capitol at that time.

But the Las Vegas Sands will not stop with that and that is why the PAC was formed.


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